Ovarian Cancer Facts

Some people use statistics to try to figure out their chance of getting cancer. Or they use them to try to figure out their chance of being cured. Statistics show what happens with large groups of people. No two people are alike. So you can’t use statistics to know or predict what will happen to you.


These statistics about ovarian cancer are from 2007. They come from the American Cancer Society’s booklet Cancer Facts & Figures.


About 22,430 women in the United States will be told they have ovarian cancer this year.

  • Ovarian cancer accounts for nearly 3% of all cancers among women. It ranks second among gynecologic cancers. The first is cancer of the uterus.
  • Ovarian cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system.


Source: Womens Cancer Network  (https://www.wcn.org/articles/types_of_cancer/ovarian/facts/index.html)

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