Shari Widmayer Memorial Grant

Shari Widmayer was of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and was not aware of her high risk for ovarian cancer. She successfully battled the cancer and was in remission several years before the reoccurrence that took her life in 2014. As a past president of The Teal Tea Foundation, she left a lasting impact on all who knew and worked with her. The Teal Tea Foundation shares a common mission through the Foundation, which is to change outcomes for women with ovarian cancer and those at risk. The 2020 Shari Widmayer Memorial Grant is the second year for this research award. Shari was married to her husband, Don, and they shared together two teenage daughters, Lillie and Hannah.

2020 Shari Widmayer Memorial Research Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) for Research Grant Award



The Teal Tea Foundation’s mission is to help raise ovarian cancer awareness and to support research efforts focused on early detection, treatments, and a cure for ovarian cancer. We are dedicated to helping all women with their quality of life and long-term recovery. In support of this mission, the Foundation is seeking proposals that address research focused on ovarian cancer and for which a grant will be awarded for $10,000 or more as our budget will allow.

Areas of Need

Research proposals for funding will be considered in the following areas:

  1. Early detection of ovarian cancer including precursor cell studies

  2. Genetic testing studies and subsequent preventative methodologies

  3. Treatment of ovarian cancer, including epithelial ovarian cancers and less common ovarian histopathologies

  4. Early detection, genetic testing and/or treatments especially for women of Ashkenzai Jewish heritage, and/or women at increased hereditary risk

  5. Any feasible and reasonable research study focusing on treatment, a cure, or early detection

The Teal Tea Foundation is interested in proposals that are individual projects or part of a larger project related to ovarian cancer. Proposals for clinical trials must be original investigational studies related to ovarian cancer in which the grantee is the primary investigator (PI) or co-PI.



Applicants should be from a higher educations institution, non-profit other than a higher education institution, or private industry with experience conducting ovarian cancer research. Preference will be given to applicants who hold a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent, who have published peer-reviewed research on the study of ovarian cancer and can demonstrate an established research focus that explores the treatment of ovarian cancer. Special interest will be given to research conducted in NJ, NY and PA. Research proposals are limited to the United States and clinical trials research should have internal review board approval or show progress towards approval at time of the proposal.


Application Process

All proposals must be submitted electronically via email. Please do not send CDs or hard copies. Email and proposal attachment should be sent to: Please find the instructions hereThank you for submitting your proposal to The Teal Tea Foundation and for your commitment to ovarian cancer research.


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