Support Request

The Teal Tea Foundation receives and distributes grants on a rolling basis. Any request for research and/or project assistance must be received in PDF format. The requests will need to be in the format of a Letter of Intent (LOI) not to exceed two pages (minimum 11 point font, Times or Times New Roman with one inch margins)

The LOI should include:

  • Applicant's last name/first name in the upper right corner
  • Date
  • Applicant's name, institution, institution address, department, current position/academic title, email and phone contact information.
  • Date the applicant’s doctoral degree was conferred and the field of study
  • Mentor’s name, institution, institution address (applicants not holding an academic faculty position must identify a project mentor)
  • Institution at which the research will be conducted
  • Have you received funding, for any project, at the equivalent of an NIH RO1 or higher?
  • A succinct explanation of the hypothesis
  • Explain the potential impact of the research -- how might this research change current
  • paradigms in the diagnosis or treatment of ovarian cancer?
  • Has this hypothesis ever been tested? If yes, briefly explain why this research should be
  • revisited/continued

Please save LOI as Last Name-First Name Request and send to You will receive confirmation of receipt within two business days.



Submission process compiled September 2012

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